Snowing in Ålborg

From the window

It’s been snowing for two days now and all day today the city has been continually dusted with snow.
The bike lane snowploughs have been working overtime. You can hear them drone past late at night and they continue through the day. A fleet of small tractors are assisting them in keeping the bike lanes clear and salted.
Quite the logistical challenge, but it seems to run like clockwork. The mere fact that  hundred bicycles move around the city each day helps keep the bike lanes clear, too.
Cycling straight in the snow requires little change of style. Cornering requires concentration, but the past few days I haven’t seen anybody slip or slide or wobble, let alone anyone falling off.  Danes think that when it snows it is better to use the bicicle insted of using buses becouse maybe buses can get stuck in the snow. Actually I find out that the sound of bike riding on the snow  is very cool.



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