Bye Bye Ju

Ju is going back to China.  Although I’ve known Ju for only about three months, I feel as if I’ve known her all my life! She is the imagine of the fast growing China which is becoming more and more globalized.

When I first met Ju last year I thought she was much younger the how she really is but after listening to all the experiences she had, I realized that she was older then what she  looks.  She is one of those person that has overcome such a great difficulties  in her life but is still able to look at the bright side of  the life.

After making friends with Ju, you wouldn’t really be able to apprehend how talkative and humorous she is.  She likes to tell the stories of her life , her trips and her past experiences and while she tells those stories you actually have the impression that you are  also living the same experiences.

Once she said ” Sometimes you listen to  bad stories  from other people   but you don’t realize that maybe those experiences could happen to you”… Well , she  has expienced very harsh moments during her life allthough you could easily see how optimistic she was.

If you are feeling down, she could  cheer you up in a matter of seconds. When she smiles (which is pretty much all the time)  you can’t help but feel happy with her, I am yet to meet a person who is as optimistic as Ju.  She always cheers the home  up when she came from the office. Everyone who knows Ju will keep a good memory of her. Ju see u soon in China!

Ju e Vincenzo



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