People who I am living with

In my flat there are 5 rooms, 2 bathrooms and a shared kitchen. The building is runned by the International Student Office and it has been recently restored and refurbished. The building is located on the main street in Ålborg and it has been builted in the beginning the xx century. The windows of my room overlook the backyard of the building.

I live with 4 other people, we are 4 guys and a girl.

Mou  is a black guy , two meters tall. When I saw him the first time I was scared by this black and tall figure He is an engineer in industrial production. He  moved to US when he was young to play basket ball but after injured his knee , he went back to shool and got his Master’s degree. He is a very funny guy , full of experiences … it is amanzing to see in how many places he has been living . His most funny quote is ” In US if u are not rich , u are dead”

Ju is a chinese girl she is the doing his PhD in China and she is a visiting researcher here in Ålborg. She is a very smart girl . Even thoughi she  haf to  overcome big difficulties in her life she seems to be quite happy and full of wisdom.

Victor is a brasilian guy. He is assistant professor of architecture… He has also travelled a  lot.. been living in London Copenhagen and Ålborg. He always complains for the small place where we live .

Stefano i s an italian guy . He is an exchenged reseacher from the univerisity of Bologna. He will stay here for 1 semester for an investigation on wave energy.  He is a very good cooker. He is trying to keep high the italian reputation of good cooker and I am destroing all his efforts with my simple everyday pasta. 🙂


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